The book, "Fireproofing" and other featured writings are from the pen of Donna Bernick. She invites you to come along and laugh with her at the events and times in her life that only a loving and caring Father could help her to express with humor. Put your own cares on the shelf for a little while, leave your stress and pain on the doorstep and enjoy "God's Fireproofing", Donna Bernick's unique way of describing a life filled with trials and opportunities. I promise you - you won't be able to read without a giggle or two slipping out. You'll find yourself looking forward to the next "Fireproofing" chapter and all the new writings added to "God's Fireproofing". Sign up for her mailing list and get advanced notice of new chapters of the book "Fireproofing" and new children's stories, memories or other wonderful articles that Donna plans to include on her web site "God's Fireproofing".



Donna Bernick


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