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A Whisper

When I was a little girl
Just a whisper in the world
Jesus came and sealed my life
To keep me through the pain and strife

He knew I'd choose to run away
Into the noisy world, to play
He called me once, He called me twice
To offer me eternal life

A whisper, lost amidst the roar
Whose time and purpose, wait no more
A whisper, formed in fiery clay
Is now a voice, for you.... Today




     This web site will reveal some of the chapters of my life at the time when I was going through the wilderness with a new chapter every week. I'll also post some children's stories that I have written as well as some other articles. The sole purpose of this web site is to be a blessing to you. 

     These are some of the "highlights" (if you can call them that) of the 24 year saga of my time on the Potter's wheel, hereafter referred to as the "wheel" and equivalent to a root canal without anesthetic or perhaps having quintuplets by that wonderfully (sadistic) "natural " childbirth experience. I'm sure we could all write a book by now. That time or place in your life where God gives you an attitude adjustment and your faith is really tested. I didn't think I
needed any adjusting, but one of us had to be wrong, and God picked me. I still haven't figured out why.............

     Everyone I knew thought they were perfect and went into ecstasy when I started spinning around ("It's about time she got it! She must have done some heavy duty sinning!")  I can't speak for my husband (and I won't let him speak for me or the list would go on for ever) but I can tell you some of the wrong things I did (it took me 24 years on the "wheel" to learn to say "I was wrong"), and some of the lessons I learned.

     This was an extremely painful time in my life but something good came out of it (I learned how to cook cheap hamburger at least a thousand ways, and eat it without gagging). I had no intention of writing a book (this is my first). I was just going to make a list of a couple of tips for my daughter, drawn from my own experiences, to help her through the fiery furnace faster and with less pain than I
had (maybe that's impossible). Anyways, that's when the Lord spoke the word "Fireproofing" to me (hence the title) and as I started writing the list down, he started giving me recall (of all that I'd tried so hard to forget!) and with a little humor, no less. So I'm passing them on. Hope they will be helpful. If not, maybe worth a chuckle. I believe this is of the Lord, for you...........

     This book is not meant to be a new Theological discovery, nor am I called to be a Preacher.  It is simply meant to be a tongue-in-cheek account of the experiences we went through from my point of view.  I was unable to tell you all the juicy parts for my own safety.....Even if I changed their names they'd do me in....It's too horrible to mention anyway.  I want you to smile not faint.  The chapters are short because you need to be spending your time in the Word of God, The Bible.  Anyway, who feels like reading, "War and Peace" when you're taking a spin on the "wheel", or enjoying a bask in the fiery furnace?  So, kick back, put on a happy face, (if you don't have one, borrow someone else's) toss your cares at Jesus feet and dance a jig on the devils face with football shoes on! HAH! TAKE THAT DEVIL! Remember, I cried my way through this so someone may as well enjoy my suffering besides old slew foot.  And best of all, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  So will you....... THANK YOU, JESUS!!!


"I shall pass this way but once. Therefore, any good
that I can do or any kindness that I can show, let me
do it now, for I shall not pass this way again."
 - William Penn -

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